This course is designed to build upon the skills of each student. Students will be introduced to new concepts skills and tactics designed to increase speed, efficiency and accuracy.

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This Advanced Handgun Course builds upon the practical and core concepts taught in Beyond The Basics Class. Students will learn to shoot under situationally induced stress while maintaining acceptable levels of defensive accuracy.
This course is for law-abiding adult citizens, as defined by applicable federal, state, or local law, and experienced shooters
(shooters able to show mastery of the basic skills of safe gun handling and shooting groups)
Prerequisite – PDT Beyond The Basics, Pre-Course Assessment or instructor’s approval.

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Covered Topics:

Safety briefing
Law – Disparity of Force, Doctrine of competing harms and Use of Deadly Force.
Fundamentals of marksmanship
Operating under stress
Reloads- tactical, speed and administrative
Weapon Hand and Reaction Hand shooting
Drawing and shooting from unconventional positions
Close Quarters body positioning and shooting stances
Shooting on the Move
Pistol stoppages and malfunctions
Multiple target engagement
Getting off the 'X'
One handed weapon manipulations
Weapons access and gun fighting from the ground
Fighting to the point of control and in-fight weapon access
Retention Shooting Positions

Reccomended Gear List

• An open mind
• Ammo – 600 rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads)
• A fully functional and practical handgun with a minimum cal. of 9mm. A spare weapon system is a good idea.
• Must have all factory-installed safety devices intact
• Holsters must correctly fit the firearm used and must retain the firearm when moving
• Holster must completely cover the trigger guard
• 3 working magazines, 6 if single stack
• Clothing suited for range activity as well as being seasonally appropriate
• Eye pro/Ear pro (electronic preferred)
• Baseball style hat (recommended)
• Sturdy belt to support equipment
• Water/hydrating device
• Knee (optional)
• Note pad, and pen/pencil


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