Practical Defense Tactics, LLC is a firearms training company offering both core and advanced level instruction for the military, law enforcement, and law abiding citizens.

Our instructors are experienced NRA certified instructors with a knowledge base that encompasses combat marksmanship, competition shooting, personal protection and precision shooting. We recognize the need for a practical approach to our curriculum that can sufficiently address the many requirements our students need.

We maintain credibility through knowledge exhibited not only in our spoken words but by our behavior. PDT instructors are prepared to validate the techniques being taught by providing the reasons for their use. Our instructor preserves credibility by consistently demonstrating a high standard of safety performance and behavior.

Our comprehensive approach to training instills core fundamentals and strengthens students’ knowledge of advanced practical, proven techniques. We have developed courses for several skill levels to provide specialized cost-effective training solutions that address our student’s needs.

Our mission as a firearms training company is to promote the mental attitude and develop fundamental skills and gun handling that will prepare our students for the challenges for both competitions and self-protection.

Train for the Probable