I want to thank you for going above and beyond with our class Thursday night and our time at the range on Sunday. It was awesome though cold! Your professionalism and knowledge in the field are exemplary. ( As well as your patience with us!)

Thanks also for all the informational links you provided. I pray God’s blessing for you and your business as you inform and educate others for the times in which we live. I will probably be interested in the Advanced Training Class but not until Spring.


Your class was great, filled with very important information we all need to know to protect our families and ourselves. Listening to you speak it became evident very quickly that you are the subject matter expert in your field of firearms and personal protection. I will sign up for more of your courses in the future. Great Job!


I’ve been fortunate to have had many opportunities to attend many firearms training courses around the country. I also know that without a doubt, Practical Defense Tactics is by far one of the best around.


Please accept my deepest gratitude for an outstanding and extremely productive day. Words can’t express how grateful and appreciative I am.
Your generosity, expertise and professionalism were on display and showcased the entire day – thank you! I know I received a tremendous benefit from the day.
I will certainly sing your praises within the ranks of my club. I hope we can pull something together.


Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Gear selection can be a bit overwhelming especially for new shooters.  PDT has several strategic partners that offer many types of shooting accessories – holsters, mag pouches, eyewear, and personal defense solutions just to name a few.

PDT has an enormous amount of experience in both the competitive and personal defense arena.  From our combined years of experience, we have found equipment that works right out of the box and other items that were tweaked by use of a Dremel tool!

Searching for new equipment can be a daunting task and we offer our suggestions as a starting point or a stop along your already vast journey into finding out what’s best for you.

Although we highly recommend the products we use, in the end it’s an extremely personal choice.  A choice that may save your life one day.  With that being said only you can really determine what fits you and feels good.  You need to have confidence in your equipment.

We stand by our strategic partners but also welcome any suggestions and insight into equipment that you feel is a quality product.  We always keep an open mind as that is a core value, we believe in to enhance your shooting knowledge.

In the end a shooter can choose an ABC holster that might be touted as the best in the industry and another shooter can choose an XYZ holster that might be looked down upon the industry.  If the shooter employing the ABC holster never practices and thinks by owning the best equipment that it will save their life one day – they are giving themselves a big false sense of security.  The shooter that chooses the XYZ holster may practice several times a week with their “inferior” holster and train several times a year and that by far will give them a survivability edge over someone buying the best gear and shelving it until the one day it is needed.

So in the end everyone needs to be confident and proficient with their equipment.  The ultimate choice is yours.  Remember we are all ensuring the safety of our lives and loved ones so spend the time to investigate all products and when you do decide on a particular path – PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!

Stay safe, stay shooting and remember! “Train for the Probable”