PDT-ADAV-01 Armed Defense Around Vehicles

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This course will provide you with knowledge and skill to help you better defend yourself and or your family in real world scenarios involving vehicles.

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This course will provide you with knowledge and skill to help you better defend yourself and or your family in real world scenarios involving vehicles. You will build on your existing skills learned in our Beyond the Basics course or other qualified courses you’ve attended and will be challenged to seam together the tactics and techniques taught that best work for you while problem solving to save lives. This course will teach you proper weapon manipulation techniques for specific use from and in close proximity to vehicles. The primary focus of this course will be to show how to successfully utilize handguns both around and inside vehicles and use these seemingly obtrusive confined spaces to their advantage along with the science behind your ammunition and its effectiveness through glass and metal barriers.

Prerequisite: This course is not intended for beginner shooters. Students need to know and be able to demonstrate safe gun handling skills, weapon system familiarity, and basic marksmanship skills and have taken our Beyond the Basics course or equivalent.

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August 26, 2023 – Harrisville, RI, October 5, 2023 Monson, MA

What to Expect

• Safety Brief
• Proper gear selection and placement for vehicles
• Shooting from the vehicle
• Shooting multiple threats
• Target discrimination and priority
• Cover and concealment around vehicles
• Shooting outside of vehicles
• Weapon manipulation in and around vehicles
• Movement drills and improvised shooting positions around vehicles
• Ballistics, what do your rounds do when shooting through glass and sheet metal
• De-Brief/Certificates

3 reviews for PDT-ADAV-01 Armed Defense Around Vehicles

  1. Loren Palmer

    I attended this class last year. I hadn’t considered writing a review until I recently encountered a BLM protest while in my vehicle. Although it never became a self-defense situation, I was very appreciative of the information and skills this class provided. DEFINTELY worthwhile. Mark and this course are Professional, Safe and Practical.
    I would highly recommend Mark and this course.

  2. Jim McCue

    This class was great. Very informative and all hands on experience. You will leave this class with some life saving tactics in and out of a vehicle. Thanks again PDT.

  3. John Manni (verified owner)

    I have been fortunate enough to train with Mark Palazio of Practical Defense Tactics. I not only have the highest respect for him as a teacher, and a mentor, but now I consider him a friend. I take private lessons with Mark, PDT group classes, and attend the monthly Thursday night situational awareness class with Mark and the PDT team. Mark has sharpened my all around firearms skills, from safety first always, precision shooting, clearing malfunctions, understanding my gear, understanding D.O.P.E, learning MOA/Mils, learning different scopes and understanding them better, speed, accuracy, Defensive tactical training for real life situations, and so so much more. But Most importantly, Mark has taught me to think, and understand the who, what, where, when and why. Why it’s important to ask questions, to pay attention, to understand your environment. Is a situation avoidable? Why it’s important to keep your head up, to pay attention, and to stay alert and aware at all times. Mark has a way of teaching that makes one understand why you’re doing what you are doing. Mark knows how to reach you on a level that makes you actually understand the material he’s teaching you. Every person learns differently. Mark knows how to bridge that gap. Mark is Without ego and He teaches without ego. He truly allows you to feel that there are no stupid questions. He’s happy when you Question everything! He is a teacher that lifts you up. Every lesson or class I learn more and more from him and build upon a growing wealth of information and knowledge in which he is instilling in me. And for that, I am grateful. I highly recommend training with Mark and the Practical Defense Tactics team.

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